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  • I've been quite shy when it comes to training especially when speaking in front of a huge audience. When I started attending training seminars, I started to overcome that fear.

    Mary Ann Lariba, Montebello Villa Hotel
    IDEAZ Bootcamp
  • Grateful for the speaker and coordinator for the great time and learning new ideas that would be a great help to improve Advertising and Promotions and Sales.

    Jodeza Mariss Ferrer, MCJR Realty and Development Corporation
    IDEAZ Bootcamp
  • Be among the marketing stars.

    Kirk Tarona, Montebello Villa Hotel
    IDEAZ Bootcamp
  • It's such a great time for me to hear another learning in decision-making in a business. Hope to see you again.

    Paull John Namoco, Cebu Primera Food Industries, Inc.
    Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • With this kind of seminar, I am able to understand fully on how to identify the problem and be able to come up with so many solutions. Thank you!

    Millany Suico, Cebu Primera Food Industries, Inc.
    Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Good that the 8-hour activity is not boring. There were so much interactions so participants were able to speak up. A lot of the members of the groups though are not participating as much as the others do.

    Sheena Rose Leonis, Cebu Primera Food Industries, Inc.
    Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Continue what you are doing; many industries need your company for training and development.

    Mon Melgar, Blue Water Academy
    Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • The topics presented are very well said and are easy to understand.

    Jerson R. Subingsubing, MCJR
    Effective Leadership Skills
  • I am very thankful with the speaker, Ms. Claudette Manus for the great experience. It helped me a lot, particularly in the personality side.

    Isidro dela Rama, MCJR
    Effective Leadership Skills
  • It really motivates me, my work as being an HR practitioner, considering the nature of my work is handling legalities. In addition it has built my confidence in handling employees.

    Hilaria Abella, Citizens Lending Corporation
    Effective Leadership Skills