ServiamPro offers concept to market design solutions for embedded systems projects.

Embedded Systems Projects

  • Microcontroller Firmware Development
  • Embedded C
  • Real time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Digital circuit design with low power, high speed, PLD, PC bus interfacing, serial and RF communications
  • Analog circuit design with Op Amps, motor drivers, comparators, A/D converters, instrumentation amps and biomedical signal conditioners
  • PCB Design
  • Test system development for production line use


  • 32-bit MCUs – ARM Cortex-M3/M0-based STM32 F1 Series, ARM922 Series and TI Stellaris Series
  • 16-bit MCUS – dsPIC30/dsPIC33/PIC24/ dsPIC32, Freescale
  • 8-bit MCUs – 8051, Microchips, Renesas, ST
  • 4-bit MCUs – Epson S1C60 Series, Motorola, OKI


  • Assembly, C/C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Python

Real-Time Operating System

  • FreeRTOS
  • ChiBIOS
  • RTXC
  • Quadros
  • Contiki


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We also do schematic and PCB design using OrCAD and systems modeling and analysis using MatLAB, SimuLink and LabView.


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